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How is solar energy used?

August 16 , 2022
The sun is a renewable energy source,It is the natural source of energy from solar power absorbed from the sun through solar panels.
Photons of light from the sun hit installed solar panels with semiconductive cells mounted to them.
The photons excite electrons around the atoms in these cells leading to a ‘charge’.
A solar power system will then convert the Direct Current (DC)electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity - the power that’s appropriate to power our wall plugs, appliances and lighting.
The transition from DC to useable AC is managed through a Solar Inverter.
Some systems may have a battery component, enabling power to be stored for later use.

Anyhow.Solar photovoltaic (also known as solar PV) converts sunlight directly into electricity using a technology known as a semiconductor cell or solar PV cell.

Electricity from solar power is used in people's homes, in schools, and to supply power for equipment such as telecommunications and water pumps.

The most common form of solar PV cell is typically encased in glass and an aluminium frame to form a solar panel. One or more panels can be installed to power a single light, cover the roof of a house for residential use, or be assembled into a large-scale solar farm generating hundreds of megawatts of electricity.

Solar PV panels are currently the most widespread type of solar PV technology, however other types of solar PV are being developed for targeted applications including PV that can be integrated into buildings, flexible PV and even PV paint.

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