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Home Off Grid Solar Power System

August 05 , 2022

Unlike our wire electricity connection, we don’t really calculate our loads or appliances usage before purchasing them. And the reason is we know our power source can handle it. However, this is not the case in using off-grid solar.

Off-grid solar power system

Note that in an off-grid solar system, it is not the solar energy that powers the appliances. Solar power charges your battery, and the battery distributes electricity.. The solar charge your battery, and the battery distributes the power. If you use them during rainy days, you should use a battery with high storage and an additional panel. And that is because, on rainy days, they won’t be able to store power that much.

Our appliances run using AC. In comparison, solar produces a DC or Direct Current, and we need to convert it to AC to use it. This is why we need a solar inverter. You can have it attached directly to your panel, but there is also an inverter between your panel and the batteries.

You need the following for your off grid solar system packages:

Solar Panel
Wires / Switchboard
Charge controller
In case your battery is already running empty, you have the option to get a generator. You can use this using cloudy or rainy days to back up your power source. Its size is measured by KVA, which is enough to supply power to your batteries. However, this is only optional.
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